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Welcome to Planning Online Portal

Planning Online serves as Western Australia’s digital hub for submitting planning applications. It caters to a range of stakeholders, from the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and Development Assessment Panels (DAP), to local government (LG) entities and Region Scheme applicants.

To begin using the portal you will need to register. Once registration is complete, you can sign in to:

Lodge planning applications

Planning Online accepts planning applications lodged with the Western Australian Planning Commission and the Development Assessment Panels including:

  • Local planning schemes, amendments and structure plans
  • Subdivision applications, including strata title
  • Development (DAPS, Part 11B, Region Scheme, Swan Valley)

Please refer to the Help column on each lodgement page for further assistance.

Track the progress of applications

Utilise the tracking features of the application for both applicants and clients. Each conformance and assessment stage (e.g. Awaiting referral response) will be reflected on the portal for the applicant.

Once a subdivision application is conformed the applicant will be given a link and code for clients to access and view the stages


The Planning Online Portal is accompanied by individual, tailored guides to assist you in the lodgement of applications and navigation of application requirements.

Please click here to view or navigate to the ‘Help’ section for each application to view the guide


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