Western Australian Planning Commission’s fees

Each year the Western Australian Planning Commission reviews it’s fees associated with subdivisions. As of 1 July 2024, the Western Australian Planning Commission’s fees are increasing. A copy of the new fee schedule can be found here:

Planning and Development (Fees) Amendment Notice 2024 - [00-00-00].pdf (legislation.wa.gov.au)


In order to assist applicants and provide clarity the following information is provided:


  1. An application submitted before 1 July 2024 will be invoiced using the old fee calculation, subject to the application being compliant of all application requirements.
  2. Where an application is found to have missing information and is not compliant, the application will be reverted to 'draft' and the applicant requested to resubmit the application with updated information.
  3. If an application is resubmitted (from draft) post 1 July 2024, the application will be re-assessed and invoiced using the new fee calculation.
  4. An application that is invoiced with the old fee calculation but has not been paid for within the required period (21 days), a new invoice will be re-issued using the new fee calculation.